Data Deep Dive: Last Week, Who Can Still Win the Fall Season?

Here we are, the final countdown.  After entertaining a wider variance last week, the $13.4M spread I introduced two weeks ago is looking pretty good right about now and there was a shakeup at the top of the standings that puts pressure on those involved to find the Perfect Combination in the final week of the Fall Season.

Why should you care?

We’ve had four different leaders the last four weeks and, by my math, seven different players have a shot at the top spot.

Where’d I get my data?

Same as last week.

What were my findings?

If you use $13.4M as the potential variance, everyone in the top 7 has a chance to earn the title of Fall Season FML Champion.  Here’s how each has done the last four weeks (full image):

Week13 4wk

In the last month, dak6v8 has jumped from 6th to 1st and controls his or her own destiny.  A Perfect Combination this week will seal the crown.  After being in 1st at the conclusion of Week 9, Arex faltered to 4th before bumping back up to second.  “I know a guy who know a guy” is a little more than $5M back of the top spot and has been no worse than 4th in recent weeks while long time leader Faking it in Florida remans a threat currently in 4th place.  Both Lode Cinemas 3 and Aurelia Cineplex lurk with a mathematical chance as well.

Who will play it safe and who will play an extreme combination hoping to catch an unforeseen delta that they can ride to victory?  Tune in Friday morning to find out!

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