By day, I’m Pete Johnson — mild-mannered husband, theatre dad, techie guy, and New Orleans Saints fan.  I got turned onto Fantasy Movie League via the Rich Eisen Show and accepted his invitation to play in the league his staff started during the Summer 2015 season, week 6.  Only, then I got kind of obsessed.

A software engineer by trade, I started working on a programmatic way of determining the best FML line up each week through a combination of bin packing algorithms and Monte Carlo simulations.  I know, hence the blog name and now my Twitter handle (a remnant of a old failed blog) completely makes sense.

Since the Fall 2015 season, I write a weekly column on the main Fantasy Movie League site and since about December 2015, I co-host the official Fantasy Movie League Podcast with Patrick Reardon.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Pete,

    Lol, Sorry if this comes off as spam. I’m starting a podcast on movie draft picks (the general game – http://bit.ly/1OC5aNV) and a lot of stuff related to numbers of movie predictions and how well a movie might do that weekend is very (obsessively) interesting to me. I’m definitely going to reference your site for FML players but I was wondering if you ever had any interest in talking movie predictions on a podcast. If so, let me know on twitter @ramblingmango

    Also, an FYI. If you were interested, just know that I’d be doing all the editing, recording, post effects…etc. You’d basically just be skype calling and we’d be talking movie predictions!

    Go Steelers. by the way!


    1. I absolutely have interest, what I lack is time 8). What kind of cadence did you have in mind? I typically am pretty busy with FML stuff on Mondays and Wednesdays but sometimes have time on Tuesdays. Life intervenes sometimes too, but I’d love to hear what you had in mind.


  2. Quick question: where do the default numbers in your comparator come from early in the week? It’s before any of the regular sites offer up weekend predictions, so I’m just curious what the basis is for those settings. Thanks and great site!


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